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The County Assembly of Taita Taveta is the arm of the Taita Taveta County Government. It is one of the 47 County Assemblies established under the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

The First Assembly came into being following the General Elections held on 4th March, 2013. The Second Assembly was sworn in on 6th September, 2017.

The Membership of the Second Assembly is thirty four (34) Members comprising of the speaker, 20 elected Members each elected per Ward and 13 nominated Members by their respective political parties in accordance with Article 177 of the Kenyan Constitution.

County government of Taita Taveta constitutes; the County Executive and the County Assembly. The Assembly is the Legislative Arm of the Taita Taveta County Government and draws its Mandate and Authority from the provisions of Articles 176 and 185 of the Constitution of Kenya .2010.

The Powers are provided in Articles 191 and 192, and in the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010,  and the County Governments Act of 2012.

Counties are Geographical units envisioned by the 2010 Constitution of Kenya as the units of Devolved Units. Taita Taveta County Assembly is one of the 47 Devolved Units.

Location: The County Assembly of Taita Taveta is located in Wundanyi town, former County Council offices.

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