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The  County  Public Accounts  and  Investments  Committee  constituted immediately following the  general  election serves  for  a  period  of  three  calendar  years and that constituted there after serves for the remainder of the  Assembly term.

The Committee shall be responsible for:

  1. The examination of the accounts showing the appropriations of the sum voted by the County Assembly to meet the Public Expenditure and of such other accounts laid before the County Assembly as the Committee may think fit.
  2. The examination of the reports, accounts and workings of the County Public Investment;
  3. The examination, in the context of the autonomy and efficiency of the County Public Investments, whether the affairs of the County Public Investments, are being managed in accordance with sound financial or business principles and prudent commercial practices:
  1. Anselim Mwadime, MCA, Chairperson
  2. Bertina Mwaiseghe, MCA, Vice-Chairperson
  3. Maria Chao Mwakio, MCA, Member
  4. Ronald Habel Sagurani, MCA, Member
  5. Jason Tuja Mwamodenyi, MCA, Member
  6. Martha Kenio Matigi, MCA, Member
  7. Daniel Omari Nguzo, MCA, Member
  8. Nobert Kamadi Chanzu, MCA, Member
  9. Jones Solomon Muganga, MCA, Member
  10. Anthony Warighe, MCA, Member
  11. Catherine Mwakiwiwi, MCA, Member
  12. Omar Ahmed, MCA, Member
  13. Abednego Jonah Mwanjala, MCA, Member
  14. Jackson Nyambu Mwagharo, MCA, Member
  15. Frank Kichoi Mwakanyanga, MCA, Member
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