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Motion on Priority Consideration on Current Recruitment Exercise by County Public Service Boards

Taita Taveta Members of County Assembly have unanimously passed a motion on priority consideration on current recruitment exercise by County Public Service Board.

The motion mover Hon. Anselm Mwadime MCA Mwanda Mghange ward, said the County public Service Board is currently undertaking a recruitment exercise for various county positions including Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) instructors and Early Childhood Development Education Centers ( ECDE) hence priority should be given to qualified and experienced candidates.

Hon. Mwadime noted that the County Government, department of Early Childhood Education and Libraries had terminated contracts of long serving instructors and tutors who were employed on casual basis hence priority should be given to them.

“Mr. Speaker some of these instructors and tutors served for many years as casuals before their contracts were terminated which over time gained them vast experience making them highly qualified,” said Hon. Mwadime.

The legislator said immature termination of the contracts as psychological torture to the instructors and tutors since most of their properties were auctioned by financial institution to settle their outstanding loans.

He asked the County Assembly to resolve that the County Public Service Board to give priority to those who served prior as casuals and employ them.

Also contributing to the motion Leader of the Minority Hon. Ronald Sagurani said Early Childhood Education was elementary foundation to any educated individual thus the tutors should be respected and recognized by the county government for their crucial role they play in the education sector.

Hon. Sagurani also said the County Assembly should resolve and make the board to upward review salaries of the tutors since most of them were underpaid.

Special elected Member of County Assembly Hon. Catherine Mwakiwiwi said most of the ECDE tutors have spent a lot of money to further their studies and get the required qualifications to secure employment with the county government hence female tutors should also be considered.

“Mr. Speaker this is a very involving job that is mostly done by ladies, being a lady I urge the board to consider these hardworking ladies,” said Hon. Mwakiwiwi.

Also contributing Hon. Lilian Kidali said the recruitment exercise should not discriminate anyone regardless of age and gender.

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