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Provision of Original Maps for Sagalla and Rukanga Ranches

Member of County Assembly (MCA) Hon. Abraham Juma has sought a statement from the Chairperson Committee on Lands and Human Wildlife Conflict on provision of original maps for Sagalla and Rukanga ranches.

Hon. Juma stated that the two ranches have a boundary row with the neighbouring Kasighau community expressing fears that the community risked being ejected from their ancestral land.

The Legislator affirmed that Sagalla ranch borders Mikamenyi, Gwaravindi, Kisimenyi -Matangini, Kale, and Kabombora villages while Rukinga ranch formerly known as Mayors ranch borders Sasenyi, Mwagwede and Makwasinyi villages.

“Mr. Speaker, these villagers have always lived in the above mentioned villages. It is shocking that the two ranches are now undertaking a survey in the various villages bordering the ranches claiming that the villagers have encroached into the ranches,” said Hon Juma.

He said the villagers are forced to part with Ksh. 200 for each head of cattle claimed to have trespassed the ranches, a fee which is unjustified and meant to subject the villagers into abject poverty.

The MCA asked the Chairperson of the relevant Committee to get in touch with the County Executive Committee Member in charge of Lands to halt the ongoing survey exercise until the issue is resolved amicably and at the same time present the original maps to the County Assembly for scrutiny.

The Chairpeson Public Investment and Accounts Committee (PIC and PAC) Hon. Christopher Mwambingu echoed Hon. Juma’s sentiments and said that land issues in the County are emotive hence should be given top priority.

Hon. Mwambingu said Kasighau residents have suffered land injustices in the past thus exposing them to land tussles which has left a number of residents landless.

The County Assembly Speaker, Hon. Maganga M. Maghanga asked the Chairperson, Committee on Lands and Human Wildlife Conflict to furnish the House with a report on the issues sought in a bid to avert future crisis in the expanse.

Approval of the County Public Service Board Members

The Taita Taveta County Assembly on Tuesday 16th July, 2019, unanimously approved the below listed nominees for appointment to the positions of County Public Service Board Members, pursuant to Section 58 (1) (a) (b) of the County Governments Act, 2012, the Public Appointments (County Assemblies Approvals) Act, 2017- Section 9 (2) and the Taita Taveta County Assembly Standing Order No.193(5) (g).

  1. Sabina Wakio Maghanga
  2. Alfred Mwadime Mlolwa
  3. Samuel Mota Mutie
  4. Davis Mshighati
  5. Christopher Pongah Kale

However, the House rejected the nomination of Mr. Wallace Mwaluma for appointment to the position of County Public Service Board Chairperson, pursuant to the provisions of the Public Appointments (County Assemblies Approvals) Act,2017, Section 9 (2).

The House resolved that, the appointing authority submits to the County Assembly for vetting and approval the name of another candidate for the position of the County Public Service Board Chairperson in conformity with Article 250 (4) of the Constitution of

Kenya, 2010, for consideration in accordance with the provisions of the Public Appointments(County Assemblies Approval) Act, 2017, Section 10 (1) and (2).

Students on a learning visit at the Assembly

Students and teachers from Kombolio Secondary School yesterday had an interactive session with the Assembly’s Minority Leader Hon.Godwin Kilele and the Sergeant at arms Mr. James Mwang’ombe who explicitly illustrated to them the day to day activities of the Assembly. They were also taken through the structures and functions of the County Government. Thereafter, the form four students attended a plenary afternoon session at the Assembly Chambers.

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