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The County Budget and Appropriations Committee constituted by the Assembly immediately following  the  general  election  serves  for  a  period of  three  calendar  years  and  that  constituted  there after  serves  for  the remainder of the  Assembly term.

The functions of the Committee are-

  1. Investigate, inquire into and report on all matters related to coordination, control and monitoring of the County Budget,
  2. Discuss and review the estimates and make recommendations to the County Assembly;
  3. Examine the County Budget Policy statement presented to the County Assembly;
  4. Examine Bills related to the National Budget, including Appropriations Bills;
  5. Evaluate tax estimates, economic and Budgetary policies and programs with direct Budget outlays.
  1. Hon. Jimmy Mwamidi- Chairperson
  2. Hon. Rose Shingira– Vice Chairperson
  3. Hon. Jones Mghanga-Member
  4. Hon. Anthony Mng’ambwa-Member
  5. Hon. Nancy Mwakio-Member
  6. Hon. Lawrence Mzugha-Member
  7. Hon. Dorcas Mlughu-Member
  8. Hon. Joseph Mabishi-Member
  9. Hon. Stephen Nzai-Member
  10. Hon. Anselm Mwadime-Member
  11. Hon. Sakina Kusania-Member
  12. Hon. Peter Shambi –Member
  13. Hon. Anthony Kinyili –Member
  14. Hon. Crispus Tondoo-Member
  15. Hon. Isaac Matolo-Member
  16. Hon. Azhar Din -Member
  17. Hon. Margret Kawuki-Member
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