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Author: Godwin Machila


Members of the public are hereby invited to attend the Special Committee hearings on Tuesday, 27th February, 2024, from 10:00 am to be done in the County Assembly chambers.

Wananchi are also invited to submit any information on the matter under consideration based on the grounds of impeachment as carried in the Motion, and any other necessary information for the investigation. Written submissions and evidence of the same may be made by signed memoranda sent or hand delivered to the Clerk, County Assembly of Taita Taveta, P.O. Box 1142 -80304, Wundanyi to be received on or before Monday, 26th February, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. Submissions can also be done electronically via the email address clerk@taitatavetaassembly.go.keThe impeachment motion can be obtained from the County Assembly’s website:




AS we contemplate on the real essence of Christmas;

THIS is the season for rekindling the fire of generosity, and the flame of love that exists in our hearts;

MAY the birth of the Messiah signal a hope for a better future and good tidings for you;

MAY your every path lead to abundant peace and joy.

A very merry Christmas to you.

Hon. Wisdom K Mwamburi,
Speaker- County Assembly of Taita Taveta


The County Assembly of Taita Taveta has established that, indeed the County Government has expressed interest in purchasing all shares of the Teita Estate Limited.
This was revealed in a response to a Statement sought by Mahoo Ward Member of County Assembly (MCA), Hon. Daniel Kimuyu on 19th September, 2023, on the alleged interest in acquisition of Teita Sisal Estate Company by the County Government of Taita Taveta.

The response from the Executive read by the Vice Chairperson of the Sectoral Committee on County Public Investments & Accounts, Hon. Lilian Kidali, affirmed that on 2nd August, 2023, the Acting County Secretary Mr. Habib Mruttu on behalf of the County Government wrote a letter to the Company’s managing director expressing interest to purchase ALL shares of the company, citing business opportunities, ability to create jobs for the youth and also the opportunity to for the County to own a huge parcel of land.
In the response to the Assembly, it was established that the estimated cost of the Estate is USD 150 million. The documents sent to the House showed that the County Government asked the Company to avail all necessary due diligence documents of valuation at their disposal for scrutiny and subsequent determination of the correct value, before committing to buy.
Notably, the Statement showed that the purchase and acquisition of the Company was neither within the County’s development agenda nor in the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2023-2027. Kidali reported that the process is at diligence stage, hence once complete, the County Assembly will be involved and the Annual Development Plan (ADP) redone to accommodate the same.

On how the County Government intends to finance the purchase of the company incase all approvals are made, the acting CS, in the response, told the House that, the County will opt to borrow funds from undisclosed sources upon approval by the County Assembly.
The Habib Mruttu-signed response noted that, already the County government has asked the company to furnish the County with 55 due diligence documents on acquisition, including a complete history of business, reason as to why the company was being sold, a copy of the latest annual returns filed at the Companies registry (Sheria House), names and contacts of each persons who is or has within 10 years been a shareholder or investor of the company, a schedule of everything that is included in the proposed selling prices including all products, machinery, equipment, real property and intellectual property owned by the company among others.

The County Government is still waiting to be furnished with the documents before making a decision to acquire the sisal estate.


Nominated Member of The County Assembly Hon. Patricia Mwashighadi, on behalf of Hon Lawrence Mzugha the chairperson of the Committee on Trade, ICT, Industry and Cooperatives Development has today during sitting No.68 responded to the statement sought by Hon. Joseph Kennedy on granting of biashara loans through Datu Sawazisha Fund.

The response stated that, the fund which was launched in the year 2014 under the Taita Taveta County DATU Sawazisha Fund Act, 2014 aimed at improving County’s economy and living standards, provide credit facilities for women, youth and persons with disabilities by enabling them engage in profitable activities that enhance their economic growth as well as promoting and developing enterprises within Taita Taveta County.

Hon. Mwashighadi noted that, the fund became inactive due to lack of budgetary allocation by the then department of Trade and Community Affairs, however the current department of Trade under County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) III has budgeted Ksh.20 million every year to revive the fund.

Additionally the fund targeted at least 1,100 to be funded by the end of FY 2027/2028.


The County Assembly of Taita Taveta has today during its morning sitting No. 67 learnt that the County is currently facing shortage of basic drugs and non-pharmaceuticals.
Responding to a Statement sought 18th July 2023, by Mahoo Ward Member of County Assembly (MCA), Hon. Daniel Kimuyu, on the status of County hospitals, Health and Sanitation Services Committee Chairperson Hon Duncan Wangama Mwakufu reported that the County Government had ordered for drugs from Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) but lacked basic drugs like amoxicillin, antibiotics, theatre drugs and paediatric analgesics, drugs for non-communicable diseases among others, which has adversely affected service delivery in the County hospitals.
According to the response from the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Health, KEMSA is operating on a fill rate of 50.55% and lacked enough stock thus reducing an initial County’s order of drugs from Ksh 33,465,462.60, only delivering stock worthy Ksh 26,349,438.60 thus causing a huge deficit on essential drugs.
However, Hon. Wangama told the House that, the County Department of Health, through the response, has indicated that it’s in the process of engaging Mission for Essential Drugs and Medical Supplies (MEDS) as an alternative supplier.
Hon. Wangama who is also the County Assembly Member for Wusi Kishamba at the same time, added that, according to the Executive, other suppliers were reluctant to offer credit facilities to the County owing to the negative reputation built by the previous administrations.
Mahoo Ward MCA, Hon Kimuyu, asked the House to invite the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Health Services, Hon. Gifton Mkaya, to shed more light on the issue and many other issues affect the health department.
Hon. Wangama made an undertaking that, the CECM will be invited to appear before



The Chairperson of the County Assembly Sectoral Committee on Health and Sanitation, and Wusi/Kishamba Ward MCA, Hon. Dancun Wangama, today during sitting No. 067, tabled a response to a statement sought by Hon. Joseph Mabishi, MCA Chawia Ward, on the status of county ambulances and fate of contract drivers.

In the statement, which was sought on 3rd October, 2023, Hon. Mabishi wanted the County Executive Department of Health through the Committee on health, to furnish the House with the status of ambulances in the four sub-counties and the fate of all ambulance drivers whose contract had expired.

In his response, Wangama said that the Committee on Health visited the four sub-counties and made the following observations:

That the County has a total of 8 ambulances; 2 in Taita sub-county, 1 in Taveta sub county, 2 in Mwatate sub-county and 3 in Voi Sub-county.

The two (2) ambulances in Taita sub-county (Wesu Hospital and Wundanyi Health Center) are all insured. However, only 1 is functional while the other is at the garage for service.

The ambulance in Taveta Sub-County is insured and in good condition and is functional.

That of the two (2) ambulances in Mwatate sub-county, one has a Third Party one-month insurance while the other is not insured. Only one ambulance is functioning.

That of the three (3) ambulances in Voi sub -ounty, Moi County Referral Hospital has one that is not insured while the Kasighau ambulance has a few issues that need servicing.

On the status of the drivers whose contracts have expired, the Committee noted that the County Department of Health Services, through its departmental Human Resources Advisory Committee, made a resolution that the contracts for the drivers be renewed. The Department is to set to present the same to the CHRAC, which would deliberate on their cases and advice the CPSB on the same.

Wangama told the House that the Department of Health Services had not done any notification to the County Public Service Board on the expiring of the contracts of the drivers by the time the statement was sought. He added that the Department did start the processes but that as soon as CHRAC’s advisory is received, the Board will be informed of the vacancies.

The Department, Wangama added, has also done a direct letter to the CPSB informing them on the expiry of contracts of the drivers and paramedics domiciled in the department. This action was taken due to the delays and urgency of the matter. However it was unprocedural since the letter ought to have originated from the office of the County Secretary.

The Department further submitted that it has taken measures to avert any crisis arising from the expired contracts including allowing drivers whose contracts have expired or about to, to continue working pending the renewal process. The Response also indicated that, in the worst case scenario, the Department has a pool of nine drivers, whose terms are Permanent and Pensionable, who can easily be mobilized to run the ambulance services.

The Department further committed to alert the CPSB to fast track the process of renewing the contracts of the drivers.

Statement Seeker, Hon. Mabishi, however, termed the response as unsatisfactory, noting that there’s no indication from the County Department of health Services on how long the ambulance drivers will have to wait for the contract renewal process to be concluded.

Hon. Wangama promised that the Assembly Committee on Health will meet with the Executive Department to further discuss the maters that are not clear.

Story by B.R.B

Photos DKM/VKM

Happy Mashujaa Day

Today we join other compatriots to celebrate our heros and heroines, who fought for the liberation of this nation. We celebrate all heroes in every field, but today we take special cognizance of those involved in promoting access to universal health care to all County residents. The County Assembly of Taita Taveta sincerely appreciates the efforts of all Health workers, especially our Community Health Volunteers/Promoters (CHV/Ps) for their tireless efforts in working on voluntary basis to promote health care in the communities. We appreciate their being a bridge between the citizens and the formal healthcare establishments. CHV/Ps have saved many lives and played a key role in preventive medicine. Happy Mashujaa Day to our Community Health Promoters and to every hero in every corner of our County.

Hon. Wisdom K. Mwamburi,

Speaker- County Assembly of Taita Taveta


19th October, 2023. In a rather pleasant show of support and unity, members of the County Assembly of Taita Taveta’s Committee on Lands and Human Wildlife Conflict Resolution were today treated to a warm reception to the Kenyan Parliament by Members of Parliament from Taita Taveta County.

This happened during the presentation of a memoranda by members of the Committee, led by Chairperson, Hon. Joseph. K. Mwalegha, who’s also the Mwatate Ward MCA.

The MCAs, in their memorandum, urged Bunge to look urgently into matters of human wildlife conflict, which has become a perennial challenge for citizens of Taita Taveta County.

The Members of Parliament pledged to support the County Assembly in its pursuit for a lasting solution to human wildlife conflict, which they agree, has caused deaths, injuries, maiming of citizens, emotional suffering, poverty and further marginalization of the County and it’s people.

Voi MP, Hon. Abdi Chome, who’s also a member of the National Assembly’s Departmental Committee on Tourism and Wildlife, agreed strongly with the memorandum during a session with the Committee.

“Hon. Chair, one of the major causes of poverty in Taita Taveta County is lack of access to 62% of our land which hosts the Tsavo National Parks, which in turn denies us access to our main river and minerals which lie in the park,” said Chome.

Chome asserted that there’s need to prevent human wildlife conflict other than just wait to compensate people after damage, which he said can be achieved through Corporate Social Responsibility by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

Chome urged the Assembly to push for a legislation that could trigger payment of land rates for the 22,000 sq kilometers of land owned by KWS.

Mwatate MP, Hon. Peter Shake Mbogho, who also sits in the National Assembly Committee, decried late payment of compensation to victims of human wildlife conflict. Shake noted that only 5% of the people listed for compensation were actually paid during the last disbursement, adding that there needs for more transparency on compensation lists and payments.

Taita Taveta Woman Representative, Hon. Lydia Haika, spoke of the importance of working together as Taita Taveta leaders to ensure that the issue of human wildlife conflict as well as other pressing issues are dealt with.

Haika congratulated the Mwalegha-led committee for the memorandum which, she says, will trigger action towards bettering the lives of the people of Taita Taveta, most especially the women and children.

Wundanyi MP, Hon. Danson Mwashako similarly spoke of the need to put up a united front in this and all matters concerning the County, adding that when leaders support each other, positive things happen.

Taita Taveta Senator, Hon. Johnes Mwaruma, also joined in hosting the Assembly Committee at Bunge while promising to ensure that more monies are channelled to the County towards issues of human wildlife conflict resolution.

Others present were Wiper Nominated MCA, Hon. Rose Shingira, Hon. Nancy Mwakio, ODM Nominated MCA and other County Assembly staff.

The Committee was later joined by the County Assembly Speaker, Hon. Wisdom Mwamburi and was privileged to have a téte -a- téte with the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Gladys Boss Sholei.

The County leaders were joined by several leaders from other parts of Kenya who promised to champion for action in the matters presented to the Committee.


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