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Chawia Ward MCA, Hon Joseph Mabishi, has today, during sitting no. 059, sought a Statement from the Committee on Health and Sanitation Services seeking answers on the status of ambulances and the fate of ambulance drivers in the County.

In his statement, Hon. Mabishi wants the Committee to give the status of ambulances in the four sub-counties. The Jubilee lawmaker further sought to know the fate of all ambulance drivers whose contracts have expired, seeking to know how long these drivers have served in the Department and whether or not the County Department of Health issued any letters or indents to the County Public Service Board (CPSB) to alert the Board of the expired contracts.

Mabishi concluded that matters of health are very crucial in the County, noting that hiring ambulance drivers on contract terms lowers their morale and hinders service delivery in the County, adding that it is time to put an end to this.

β€œAmbulance drivers need wide experience. Picking someone who lacks experience to drive the ambulances is a risk to patients, nurses and the ambulance drivers themselves,” asserted Mabishi.

Hon. Daniel Kimuyu, Mahoo Ward MCA, congratulated Hon. Mabishi for seeking the Statement, terming it as timely as the ambulances are currently in a bad condition. Kimuyu revealed that a doctor from one of the hospitals called him recently seeking intervention on the matter of ambulances to avert further loss of lives. Kimuyu sought to know how many ambulances are there in the County and how many are operational. He also condemned the use of ambulances to lift individuals, which should otherwise be done by other utility cars.

Hon. Lawrence Mzugha, Mbololo Ward MCA, added that this is a critical statement with the state of ambulances in this county remaining wanting. Mzugha noted that a good amount of money was set aside in the recently approved Budget to go to health, which he said some of the money shoud go t acquiring new ambulances. Mzugha added that employment of essential workers such as ambulance drivers should be considered for permanent and pensionable terms as has happened with ECDE teachers.

Hon. Khalifa Taraya also commented on the statement sought, noting the need to include monetary allocation for new ambulances in subsequent supplementary budgets to resolve the existing challenges. The legislator for Mboghoni Ward held that the County Executive should take the issue up with urgency, adding that there’s need to prioritize such critical issues.

Health and Sanitation Services Committee Chairperson and Wusi Kishamba Ward MCA, Hon. Dancun Wangama, hailed Hon. Mabishi’s interest in the issue, adding that the ambulance drivers play a key life-saving role in the Department of Health. The law maker agreed to Mabishi’s sentiments that the terms of employment of ambulance drivers must reflect the crucial role that they play. Wangama promised that his Committee will provide a comprehensive response to Mabishi within seven days.

Story: MNR
Photo Credits: DM

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