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This is a Sectoral Committee that studies all matters related to agriculture, including crop and animal husbandry, livestock sale yards, county abattoirs, plant and animal disease control and fisheries. It is a permanent committee established by Standing orders of the Assembly.

The functions of the Committee shall be to-

  1. investigate, inquire into, and report on all matters relating to the mandate, management, activities, administration, operations and estimates of the assigned departments;
  2. study the programme and policy objectives of departments and the effectiveness of the implementation;
  3. study and review all County legislation referred to it;
  4. study, assess and analyze the relative success of the departments as measured by the results obtained as compared with their stated objectives;
  5. investigate and inquire into all matters relating to the assigned departments as they may deem necessary, and as may be referred to them by the County Assembly;
  6. vet and report on all appointments where the Constitution or any law requires the County Assembly to approve, except those under Standing Order 187 (Committee on Appointments) ; and
  7. make reports and recommendations to the County Assembly as often as possible, including recommendation of proposed legislation.
  1. Hon. Stephen Nzai –Chairperson
  2. Hon. Newton Kifuso –Vice Chairperson
  3. Hon. Duncan Wangama -Member
  4. Hon. Dorcas Mlughu -Member
  5. Hon. Joseph Mwalegha-Member
  6. Hon. Genard Maghanga-Member
  7. Hon. Lilian Mwangoi-Member
  8. Hon. Anthony Kinyili-Member
  9. Hon. Amos Makalo-Member
  10. Hon. Margret Kawuki -Member
  11. Hon. Lilian Kidali-Member
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