Labor, Social Welfare and Community Services

All matters relating to labor, trade union relations, manpower or human resource planning, gender, culture and social welfare. All matters related to cultural activities, public entertainment and public amenities, including betting, casinos and other forms of gambling, racing, liquor licensing, cinemas, video shows and hiring, libraries, museums, sports and cultural activities and facilities and county parks, beaches and recreation facilities; firefighting services and disaster management, control of drugs and pornography; and annual animal control and welfare, including licensing of dogs and facilities for the accommodation, care and burial of animals.

  1. Chair: Hon. Liverson Mwazala Maghanga
  2. Vice: Hon. Reuben Tiges
  3. Hon. Haris Keke Nganga
  4. Hon. Hope Sanguli
  5. Hon. John Maghanga
  6. Hon. Elisha Mwaisaka
  7. Hon. Naima Saleh
  8. Hon. Valerie Mwadime
  9. Hon. Judah Kilonzo Mulwa


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